If the legislature has taught us anything, it's this:

who we elect matters greatly.

That's why Don serves on Durham City Council, and why he's running for another term.

He cares deeply about our community, works hard, prepares thoroughly. He's passionate about making it safer, more affordable and sustainable. Some of the areas where He focuses his efforts include

  • affordable housing
  • jobs
  • recreation & open space
  • well-managed growth
  • financial responsibility

He's the only candidate in his race who supports equality for all North Carolina families. He worked to defeat Amendment One, and he's proud of Durham's overwhelming rejection of this divisive measure.

He's qualified—with an MBA, six years on the Planning Commission and his time on City Council (along with the 12 boards and commissions that are also part of the job!).

He's experienced—an Eagle Boy Scout, 18 years with Whole Foods Market, 13 years as a business consultant, four years with Durham Central Market, 15 years on the board of the Eno River Association and years of service with other nonprofits.

And he's endorsed by the Durham Peoples Alliance, the North Carolina State AFL-CIO, the Triangle Labor Council and the Sierra Club. See who else supports Don -- click here.

Now he needs your help--it starts with your vote on Nov. 5! Click "Help Don Win" above to see more ways you can be part of the campaign.

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